Planning for #NoVaTEENBF 2015 has already started — and we’re just a little excited over here in the planning zone!! 

It’s going to be even MORE awesome this year! (Which is just crazy to imagine and hard to believe!) 

Stay tuned for more news and fun opportunities!

NoVa TEEN 2014, a set on Flickr.
Want to see all the pictures from our first year? We’ve compiled as many as we could find! Take a look.
"Who Are You" PanelPreparation outside between events"The Scientist" PanelPrepartion

NoVa TEEN 2014, a set on Flickr.

Want to see all the pictures from our first year? We’ve compiled as many as we could find! Take a look.

Great shots from the signings and Friday night reception for volunteers! 

Photo recaps from the first ever event! 

Help Us Make NoVa TEEN Even Better Next Year!!

Thank you SO MUCH for attending our inaugural event for NoVa TEEN Book Festival!! We hope that you had a fantastic experience. On a personal level, this was something I’ve dreamed about doing for years. My team and I spent nine months planning, and I am so overwhelmed by the response. Thank you for being part of this and making one of my personal dreams a reality! Everyone involved is thrilled with the outcome, and hope you had a fantastic day.

Now, we would love to make this an annual event, and in order to evaluate this year, we’re asking you to help out! 


Here (at this link) is a survey. (Or you can paste this into your browser

There are 13 questions that will help us craft a unique, exciting, memorable event for next year. By filling out this survey, you are helping us keep NoVa TEEN an accessible, free community event that could have a huge impact on our teens and community. 

We love bringing YA Events to you!

If you enjoyed NoVa TEEN, then check out Shut Up and Write, a bi-monthly panel that features local authors, moderated by Jon Skovron (MAN MADE BOY). The next one takes place at Arlington Central Library on April 22 at 7pm and features Lindsay Smith (SEKRIT), Miranda Kenneally (CHASING JORDAN) and Danielle Ellison (SALT).

Stay tuned at your local library and friendly neighborhood bookstore, One More Page Books, for more events!

We appreciate your time and feedback! 


Danielle Ellison

Event Coordinator
NoVa TEEN Book Festival

Some really fun photos from a really fun night! #novateen

Some more pictures from our FANTASTIC authors and their school visits this morning for #novateen! 

This morning, our authors visited 9 local area schools for #novateen! Check out some of these pics! 


We’ve been asked some questions about NoVa Teen on Saturday. Here’s some of our FAQs.

Where do we enter? We’re at door 5, for the auditorium.

Where can we park? There’s a parking deck next to our entrance. Once that’s full, there’s street parking all along the area (you may have to walk a little) and the Metro isn’t that far! There are also other spots scattered throughout W-L and in the garage at Arlington Central Library.

Which Metro stop is closest? Ballston

What if I can’t stay all day? Then come for what you can! Even if it’s half the day, or one session, or you have to come and go or if you stay all day. Everyone is welcome to leave or enter as needed.

Who can come? ANYONE. Old, young, teen, adult — if you like books, then you are welcome.

How do the break out sessions work? There are three sessions, in addition to the main panel, per hour. You can obviously only be in one place at a time (unless you’ve mastered time travel or have a Timeturner—and if so then talk to us because we may need your secrets) so you’ll have to choose. They’re all great options.

The break out sessions are Q&A time with the listed authors, and they have limited first-come, first-serve seating.

When is the signing? At 4pm at Central Library.

How do I get to the library? It’s very close to the school — walkable. We encourage you to walk and then go back to your car. The path will be lined in red balloons and we have a map when you arrive and get a program!

How long is the signing? We currently don’t have a specific end time, but it’s estimated to last no longer than 2 hours. (It depends on how many of you stay!) But if you are in line, then we assure that you’ll get a book signed.

What if I can’t stay for the signing? You can talk to the people selling books at the event — they have a system in place to get your books signed and personalized if you can’t stay!

Can I bring books from home to be signed? Yes! You can bring up to 3 books from home to be signed. Additional books will be available all day that school and during the signing for purchase.

What do I wear? Clothes! There’s not a dress code, just be comfortable.

Will there be food?  We have a local high school group selling snacks and water all day at the event. There aren’t really any places nearby for food, so come prepared with a snack. There is, however, no food or drink in the main auditorium. We will have breaks throughout the day between panels for snacking.

Check us out in the Washington Post, and if you have more questions, just tweet us @novateenbf.

If you’re at the event on Saturday, we’ll have some chances to win prizes! Talk about us on twitter and instagram with #novateen for more updates, pictures and excitement!

Can you believe….


because over here, we’re pretty darn excited!!!